HoursFri - Sun: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Holiday HoursNovember 22nd & 23rd 9 AM-5 PM Closed Thanksgiving Day


Status: OPEN
6 month internship

Intern will work directly under The Director of Animal care and will need to perform daily husbandry of barn animals and farmyard animals: cleaning, feeding and grooming.
Daily husbandry and care of Carnivore Compound: Food preparation, cleaning, enrichment, building, landscaping, property maintenance.
Interns will learn what it takes to run an exotic animal rescue and the basics of non-profit management.
Escape and capture training: basic training of tranquilizer and sedation, safety, hands on practice with tranquilizer guns and blowpipe.
Interns will be required to interact with the public, lead and participate in guided tours and participate in fundraising events.
A day will be set aside where interns shadow our Vet.

* Interns will be required to commit to working 6 days/week from 8 AM – 5 PM. (weekends required)
* Interns will receive two (2) TFT t-shirt, additional shirts available for $10 each.
* Each Intern will be required to submit a research paper on a topic that pertains to the Exotic Animal Rescue Industry.
* Interns must read and sign liability release documents, study and pass a test on Lost Child Protocol and Animal Escape Procedures.
Stipends: $50.00 a week. Housing and utilities provided.

Transportation is necessary.
How to apply:
Forward resume and cover letter to above address or to [email protected]
Applicants may call with questions 256-524-4150

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