Untamed Wellness Center

UPDATE: August 2019 – Update on vet clinic: Our team is making progress on the vet clinic. Just this past week Pitts Little Corporation of Birmingham, donated all the leaded sheetrock , leaded window and other  materials needed for our x-ray room. We would like to thank them for their generosity in the endeavor.


Tigers For Tomorrow received a very generous gift of $5,000.00 from the Thompson Foundation, Inc.

and we meet a $2,500.00 matching grant issued from Advanced Imaging of Gadsden for the

Untamed Mountain Wellness Center. Thanks to our supporters for meeting this matching grant.

 This vital project is in it’s last few phases, thanks in large part to philanthropy.

     The Untamed Mountain Wellness Center is an on-site veterinary clinic, fully equipped with surgical rooms, indoor/outdoor recovery rooms, quarantine area, and medical and diagnostic equipment. Completing the Untamed Mountain Wellness Center will allow the ability to perform on-site life-saving surgeries, saving time and stress on the animals, and long term costs. The Center will allow rapid and crucial diagnostics, and preventative care.

     We are thankful and blessed to have the majority of our animals healthy. However, this is not just by luck. If and when an animal does not feel well, Sue, Wilbur and the wonderful keepers at Tigers For Tomorrow are quick to recognize it. Usually the solution is manageable on the premises, but there are times it is not, especially as the animals’ age.  Occasionally an animal needs to be transported off property for emergency care. Although life-saving, it is traumatic for the animal to be transported off property and wake up in unfamiliar surroundings, prolonging recovery and adding cost. Like humans, animals require healthy diets, vitamins, accessible quality health care, loving caregivers, and a low stress environment to remain healthy and happy. And like us, as they age more problems occur, requiring expedient quality diagnostics, preventative care and sometimes surgery.

     Tremendous progress has been made to ensure that in the future our animals will be able to receive medical and aging care here on property. With grants from The Daniel Foundation of Alabama, The Faith and William Paulter Family Foundation, The Campbells, The Thompson Foundation and Advanced Imaging of Gadsden we have completed clearing of land, concrete pad laid, building is up, and septic system installed, completed the interior walls and installed electric, in addition a digital  X-ray machine has been gifted to us and we are ready to move on to the next phases of construction

     Although we have come a long way, donations are still needed to complete this sizable yet important addition to benefit the animals’ quality of life, furthering their chances for continued health and happiness.We have one major component to complete, the Quarantine Area.Your donation, large or small, will enable us to complete our on-site Wellness Center Quarantine Area. This indoor/ outdoor area has multiple purposes. It will assist our staff with getting to know new animals coming to live at the preserve, making sure that our new residents are healthy before they go out to the general preserve area around other animals. It will also assist us if there is an animal health emergency and for animals that have procedures done in the vet clinic they will be able to recover quicker in a stress-free familiar area, with their keepers there for support. Lastly the new quarantine will assist us in keeping some of our older animals warm should we have a cold spell come thru. The building is up with electric, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and we have several pieces of important medical equipment – all to help keep our animals as healthy as possible.

      Tigers For Tomorrow is grateful for all of who have contributed thus far on this healthy path for the animals.