Check out a “Day in the Life” of the marmosets

Marmosets are the typical representatives of South America rainforest fauna. They are the smallest subspecies of primates, but definitely one of the smartest. Travel through the 28-acre African Grasslands exhibit with the likes of elephant, white rhino, cheetah, sable antelope, bongo, ostrich and impala rising into view upon your every move. See eye-to-eye with reticulated giraffe from the all-new Giraffe Encounter. Feed and brush the African pygmy goats at the kraal. View the African lions from the peak of the exhibit, while they gaze into the distance over the entire exhibit. Also learn about the life of a wildlife manager at Wildlife Management HQ, where you can see the tools of the trade, communicate over radio and sit in a real grounded Bell 47 helicopter or Land Rover.

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